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Vinyl Sheet Goods

Vinyl is a highly durable sheet and tile flooring option manufactured from linseed oil and other natural components and is available in a wide range of colors and patterns.

Vinyl's durability (up to 40 years as flooring) makes it very suitable for high traffic areas. Vinyl does not show scuffs or scratches, and is resilient and flexible. Vinyl is naturally biodegradable, and does not add to waste problems, as does vinyl flooring. Vinyl has other advantages:

  • It does not burn easily

  • it is waterproof

  • it does not generate static electricity


Part of Vinyl's popularity is due to concerns over indoor air quality. Because Vinyl is naturally anti-bacterial, there are no chemical anti-bacterial agents needed in its manufacture or maintenance.

Dillon Carpet & Flooring offers only the highest quality of Vinyl flooring and installation products.  We can help create your flooring plan to accommodate your needs.